Multi-Lingual Typesetting・Graphic Designs for all needs
Merrie Monarch Festival DVD set
Aloha Tofu Japanese inside
Brochure JAPANESE- side 1
Aloha Tofu Japanese outside
Brochure JAPANESE- side 2
Aloha Tofu English Inside
Brochure ENGLISH - side 1
Aloha Tofu English outside
Brochure ENGLISH side 2
S&S Thai Kitchen
Menu board for Shirokiya store
Department of Health
Brochure design
DVD jacket & Face Design
Video Graphics
Roy Sakuma Ukulele DVD
Picking Technique DVD
Jacket / Disc / Insert / Menu Designs
Generation Kikaida DVDs
DVD Graphic Designs for
Kikaida Kikaida 01
Kamen Rider
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Our office has moved within the same building from 316 to 305. Mahalo!

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Aloha Tofu English outside

Brochure ENGLISH side 2